​Tensioning Solutions ​Banner Stretching Frames for stretching vinyl,  fabric, canvas, poplin, polyester, and more...

Our lightest extruded aluminum bar is suited for small, mid-size and large interior/exterior frames. It is also the extrusion of choice for box trucks and trailers, buses,...

Our intermediate extruded aluminum bar is suited for mid-size to large interior/exterior frames.

Tensioning Solutions cost-effectiveness give sign professionals a competitive edge in their markets. 
The same product family of aluminum extrusions can be used for many different applications.
Our range of aluminum extruded bars complement each other to create many framed interior or exterior banners and signs from art frames to large (over 5,000 sq ft) wall signs to suit any client requirements.
An effective product design gives the flexibility to building simple stretched banners to rigid frames and structures. 
Edge-to-Edge graphics and wrapped frames allow hiding the frame when needed.
3D-graphic structures (Monuments) offer applications going beyond simple 2D frames while using the same aluminum extrusions. 
Aluminum extruded bars can be bent, allowing to design curved frames fitting on curved walls, "arched frames" is another example of what can be realized.

A Well Stretched Banner Improve The Image Of  The Represented brand and Increase the Visibility and Professionalism Of The Sign Shop That Installed It.

Tensioning Solutions Inc.


The aluminum extrusions used in our banner stretching system are light and sturdy, it is an ideal material to design and build frames. Customized Frames of any sizes and any shapes can answer many customers’ projects and applications. 
Double-Sided frames allow designing and installing banners and signs that can be hung from the ceiling in shops, supermarkets and malls.

Our Banner Stretching System - Product Family

Our sturdiest extruded aluminum bar is designed for medium, large and very large (> 5,000 Sq ft) signs.

Also used to fabricate 3D structures.

Our entire line of aluminum and PVC extrusions ​is designed and manufactured in USA